Sushi-San Restaurant

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caviar in silver dish
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chopsticks mixing wasabi into soy sauce


These bad boys have been making soy sauce for more than four centuries. Rich and clean, their product won’t leave you feeling salty.

Pouring beer from tap into beer stein


Big ups to this Tokyo-based brewery that keeps our blast chiller and sake bombs flowing year round.

three fish on a cutting board surrounded by ice

Martinez Produce & Seafood

Everyone has their trusted dealer. Since we can’t make it to Tsukiji, they bring Tsukiji to us.

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wasabi on board having been grated


These guys are the source for rare foraged edibles, exotic greens, caviar, fresh wasabi and more. If you’ve never heard of it, they likely have it.

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farmer holding bunch of onions with dirt on roots

Nichols Farms

Mad love to our boys for always matching our fresh beats with your fresh beets.

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Reservations -dining room- -omaKAZE-

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